Select Schools

Select Schools Programs offer coursework associated with a variety of pathways leading to both careers and opportunities for higher education, such as aerospace and aviation, information technologies, performing and fine arts, communications, law preparatory, health services, travel and tourism and engineering. Students from across the District may apply to a Select School regardless of the region in which they reside.

The purpose of the Select Schools is to improve student achievement, promote diversity and create an awareness of career opportunities relative to the fields of study in which students may be interested.

At the elementary level, there are no specific requirements to attend a Select School. Parents of interested students must submit applications postmarked or hand delivered to the Select Schools to which they are applying by the annually specified deadline.

At the secondary level, entrance criteria have been established for admission to most of the Select programs. Students interested in applying to a Select School should talk with their counselors or contact the specific Select School staff to determine if there are entrance criteria for the program(s) of interest. In addition to meeting the entrance criteria for the specific program, students must submit an application on or before the application deadline.

For both elementary and secondary applications, if there are more applications than there are seats available, a computerized random lottery will be utilized for student selections.

Elementary Schools Grades 1-5

  • Gilbert Magnet School of Communication and Creative Arts.
  • Jo Mackey Academy of Leadership and Global Communications.
  • Mabel Hoggard Math and Science Magnet School.
  • Sandy Miller International Baccalaureate School Primary Years Program.
  • Walter Bracken Magnet School for Math and Science Through Technology.

 Middle Schools Grade 6-8

  • Academy of Mathematics, Science and Technology at Bridger Middle School.
  • Academy of Science and Mathematics at Hyde Park.
  • James Cashman Middle School Academy of Engineering Studies.
  • K. O. Knudson Middle School Academy of Creative Arts, Language and Technology.
  • Robert O. Gibson Middle School Dual Language Immersion and Leadership Academy.
  • Roy W. Martin Middle School International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program.

High Schools Grades 9-12

  • Advanced Technologies Academy
  • Canyon Springs High School and the Leadership and Law Preparatory Academy
  • Clark High School
  • Desert Pines High School
  • East Career and Technical Academy
  • Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing and Visual Arts
  • Northwest Career and Technical Academy
  • Rancho High School
  • Southeast Career and Technical Academy
  • Southwest Career and Technical Academy
  • Valley High School
  • Veteran's Tribute Career and Technical Academy
  • West Career & Technical Academy